Generally when people diet they use the scale to measure progress.  If you are just starting out this can be very useful and motivating, but as you get further into your “cycle” if you will the scale gets less and less useful and can be quite frustrating.  You write down what you eat, you exercise,  and you focus on the basics that you know work.  One day you have lost 2 pounds and feel great, but the next you put on 4.  At this point most people go off the wagon and eat anything and everything that they wanted while they were trying to be good.  While really all they did was hold water for one tiny day.  Personally, I tend to weigh myself more than I should just because I am curious.  Now, that being said, I understand that my body fluctuates up to 5 pounds a day and that doesn’t bother me.  All that I really want to say is that if you are going on a diet you should take your measurements at the start and every month or so into your diet.  Just remember not to get discouraged and that you didn’t put it on in one day, so don’t expect to lose it in one as well.

Have you ever heard of a person drinking too much water and dying?  It is more common than one might expect because drinking water lowers sodium levels.  When one has insufficient salt in the blood one can suffer nausea, vomiting, disorientation, and many others.  Now, why am I telling you this?  Recently, I have been putting in many hours in the gym and it has almost been consuming all of my thoughts and actions.  I have found myself doing 3-a-days with up to 5 hours in the gym and cardio at home.  Bodybuilding in and of itself can be considered an addiction because you can put loads of money into it buying supplements, equipment, gym memberships, steroids and many many more.  Addictions are almost always destructive behaviors, but when controlled can lead to great rewards.  Be sure to control yourself and you yes you will go far.

This phrase is common in many sports including, well, pretty much everything! All or nothing I feel applies to the technique and ideals associated with the activity, it doesnt mean you have to drop everything and do what the pro’s do.  In the sport of bodybuilding 6-8 meals and multiple hours in the gym are common.  If you try to go from 1-3 large meals a day to 8 I can almost promise you will fail.  I have tried and my body almost shut down for a week straight.  Start small, from 3 meals to 4 or 5.  After a week maybe up it to 6 or ad some more protein in per meal.  Try this for a month and I can guarantee your physique will change for the better.  When It comes to bodybuilding the term all or nothing applies to the attitude and training portion but ease yourself into the diet.  Every day counts get working today!

As a rule bodybuilding is not a competition.  Their may be competitions that revolve around bodybuilding, but if you ask the “competitors” most will say that they train to be the best version of themselves and only compare them to earlier versions of themselves.  

Many who lift at the gym focus solely on how they compare to the others that are their at the time.  Ironically these are the people that usually stay the same for months on end because they try to lift too heavy just to be “better” than others.  The term “Ego lifting” is used to describe those that lift to heavy just to show that they are better than the others at the gym at that time.

Please, please do not become one of the ego lifters.  You will not grow as fast as you could if you focus on being a better you.  You will most likely succumb to injury, and you will ultimately limit your personal growth in the long run.  

Focus on yourself when you are lifting and only try to because the best version of you!  

Also remember, you are not a weight lifter if you are focusing on bodybuilding.  You move weight by contracting the targeted muscles.  Weights do not matter as long as you target the right muscles and focus on the contraction!  Let the ego lifters focus on the heavy weight while you get the most out of your workouts every day!


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Would you rather..

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Would you rather that I post my workouts 1 time per week with all of my routines or daily?  Leave a comment below!

By far my favorite bodybuilder!

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Rageborn Muscle Pintrest!

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“Just remember, somewhere, a little Chinese girl is warming up with your max.” – Jim Conroy

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Mental imagery is so much more important than some people give credit.  All professional bodybuilders and powerlifters imagine their poses and lifts every time they do them and before to keep themselves in check.  Now, you don’t have to be a professional to use mental imagery.  If you imagine yourself running a 5:30 mile down to how you are breathing at the end and the sweat dripping off of your face you may not make it down to the second but you will for sure run faster than you are used to.

If you are like me and hate running which is a common thing use this when you are doing your heavy sets on almost anything.  If you are going for a new max or just one more rep on your heavy set think about it, feel the muscles contracting as the weight explodes upwards.  Do not imagine yourself faltering in any way.  Imagine perfect form and breathing as you rest and prepare yourself for your set.

My grandfather was a wonderful racquetball player when he was young.  He has a closet full of old trophies and medals that he brought up with him when he moved out of his parent’s house.  Before every match, even if it was just a practice match with his partners he would visualize all of the possibilities that he believed could occur in that particular game.  He only ever entered 2 tournaments that he didn’t win.  I am not saying that mental imagery is the sole reason that he won all of his games but he has told me that it made a great difference on how he played.

I challenge you before you go train or try to lift that weight that you thought you couldn’t think about it for a second.  Picture yourself down to the littlest detail demolishing that rep and set.  I can promise you that you will prevail.

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